Training in Emotion Coaching

What do we mean by Emotion Coaching?

Emotion Coaching is an evidence based approach to help children to understand and manage their emotions. Emotion Coaching enables adults to co-regulate children’s emotions, de-escalate situations where behaviour is challenging and develop children’s ability to self-regulate their own emotions and behaviour. It can be used by anybody to respond to children’s emotions as they happen.

This course will cover:

  • Research, theoretical basis and neuroscience behind Emotion Coaching
  • Understanding different emotional styles relevant to Emotion Coaching
  • How to respond sensitively and consistently to emotions and behaviours
  • Understanding and practice of Emotion Coaching techniques
  • Opportunities to reflect and embed Emotion Coaching in practice

Who is this training for?
Anyone working alongside children or young people in school or care settings.

Where is it held?
All planned sessions are held online or you can enquire about a bespoke course for your setting which can be held in person or online.

What will the training look like?
The training is delivered over three online sessions.

“Emotion Coaching is a proven strategy that can support the development of emotional and behavioural well-being in children by enhancing the quality of the relationship between adult and child and paying attention to the emotions underlying observed behaviours.”
Gus, Rose and Gilbert, 2015

The next course starts 6th March 2024  Download the course flyer here.

For more details please contact Angela Brown on 01865 594700 or email [email protected]