The Mulberry Bush Outreach

The Mulberry Bush Outreach

We would like to reassure all the schools with whom we work that our Outreach services are still operating and we are able to continue offering support in the form of supervision for individuals or groups, as well as training for those staff working with the most vulnerable children.

23 March 2020


“…understanding behaviour as a communication”

Combining our national Teaching School status and The Mulberry Bush values, our ambition is to work collaboratively with education, social care and health providers to develop outstanding outcomes for vulnerable children across the country. This is achieved through the promotion of professional staff and organisational development underpinned by research.

What we offer:

Free consultation

We are happy to visit your organisation to think collaboratively and identify or clarify the presenting difficulties. The reflective nature of the consultation means that a fuller understanding can be reached. We can then appropriately target interventions as needed. Our model aims to move away from external support dependency by identifying the skills within your organisation, so that you can develop your own support structures, but at the same time we’re never far away! 


“After my reflective consultation, I was able to go home and enjoy my weekend – leaving school at school.”
Head Teacher, Oxfordshire


As part of our charitable objective to reach more children, our aim is to offer the highest quality support based on our own core principles:

  • Staff need a good psychodynamic understanding to help understand behaviour as communication
  • The development of a reflective culture at all levels and in all disciplines is paramount
  • Collaborative working is central to a high quality treatment environment

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What people say about us

“I just wanted to write to thank you for an excellent day’s training on Tuesday. All week staff have been telling me that it was the best INSET they have had for years and have been full of praise. There have been lots of conversations about children in the light of what staff learnt on the day with you and it has really shifted their mindsets and improved their understanding. Thank you! You delivered it all so well too – not easy after the 6 week holiday. I look forward to working with you again in the future”

(Head Teacher, St John’s Primary School, Wallingford, Oxfordshire)

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The Mulberry Bush Outreach


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