SEA Scale

Developed by The Mulberry Bush with the University of Sussex, the SEA Scale is a 25 item strengths based questionnaire. Its focus is not how good or bad a child is performing, rather their ability to relate socially in a meaningful way. It can be used by anyone working with children between the ages of 5 and 13, where the work includes supporting a child’s social and emotional development. It is suitable for professionals in residential settings, mainstream and special schools as well as foster carers.

Staff from The Mulberry Bush used their expertise in helping traumatised children and together with researchers from the University of Sussex to create the SEA Scale. The Mulberry Bush continues to work closely with Professor Robin Banerjee and Dr Helen Drew and further work is currently underway using data from children at The Mulberry Bush School and other settings.

“SEA scale is developed from a focus on the practice and insights of MB where social relationships and a children’s emotional competence are what they work with. The scale derives from work with this population of children with complex needs and traumatic backgrounds, but it’s also the fundamental of all children’s everyday lives – social and emotional ability is vital.”
Professor Robin Banerjee

We will shortly be launching the SEA Scale website, if you have any questions or would like further information in the meantime please email Dr Caryn Onions at [email protected]