The Mulberry Bush invited to opening of ‘Ein Platz fur Kinder’

by | Jul 3, 2023

In June 2023 the Mulberry Bush was invited to the opening of a new residential school in Chiemsee, Germany and Dr Caryn Onions and Adam Clarke were delighted to represent the Mulberry Bush.  

Ein Platz fur Kinder (EPFK) was founded by Johanna Ruoff, and John Diamond first visited Chiemsee in November 2018. The team from EPFK designed their new residential school on the model of Mulberry Bush where education and group living are integrated. This is the first residential school of its kind in Germany and the German government donated 1.75million Euros to this unique project. 

Chiemsee is a beautiful lake in Bavaria. The building used to be a convent and was empty for 30 years as the nuns wanted it to be used for a social project. The conversion has sympathetically incorporated many of the original features of the convent whilst including design features familiar at the Mulberry Bush for the integrated work of care and education with traumatised young children. 

EPFK also has children’s homes in Halle and Hamburg and we are hoping to develop a Community of Practice model between the Mulberry Bush and EPFK.  There may also be the possibility of research collaboration.