Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023

by | Nov 21, 2023

Noah (not his real name) has just turned 7. His life has been a constant struggle; because of neglect and abuse, he simply doesn’t understand the concept of a loving home. He can’t go to mainstream school and has been through a series of foster placements. He is lost. A simple thing like being clean, something we all take for granted, is completely alien to him. He’s never even experienced that nurturing feeling of having a bath and being looked after. 


Many of our children feel the same when they arrive at The Mulberry Bush School. A gift from you could help us provide new bathrooms – safe spaces to bond and play. The benefits of bath time for our children cannot be underestimated. It can be used to calm and soothe a child and encourages sensory play, an important therapeutic intervention for children with sensory needs. It can help build a child’s self-esteem, confidence and, when they are old enough to shower, give them a feeling of independence.  

This is the final year of our House Refurbishment Appeal and, so far, we’ve raised over £800,000; the difference this has already made is incredible. Our appeal target is £1 million and we’re so nearly there.  A gift from you during ‘The Big Give Christmas Challenge’ will be doubled by our sponsors (up to our target) and will provide the essential items that will turn the house bathrooms into spaces to relax and have fun, allowing our children to thrive.  What’s more, the new bathrooms will be more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, hygienic and easier to maintain.  

Children, like Noah, who are emotionally traumatised, will start to find their place in The Mulberry Bush community. Bath times will become an important part of their routine and, as they slowly develop trust, something we hope will become a pleasurable experience.  

Look back to your childhood, it’s likely that your memories of bath time are warm and loving, a time of fun that helped you bond and prepared you for a peaceful night’s sleep. Together, we can help our children build these same memories.  

My colleagues and I are incredibly grateful for your kindness and your understanding of our children’s needs and hope you will support us this Christmas. Remember, anything you donate will be DOUBLED, meaning twice the impact. We understand that times are tough now, so if you aren’t able to make a gift at this time, please help us spread the word about the appeal to your friends, family and colleagues.  


Remember, anything you gift during ‘The Big Give Christmas Challenge’ will be doubled by our sponsors (up to our target). Your donations MUST be made online and between midday on the 28th November and midday on the 5th December.