The Mulberry Bush Nurturing Schools Project: The impact of embedding whole school nurturing practices including a nurture group on children’s progress and wellbeing and staff wellbeing.

The Mulberry Bush Organisation and Nurture UK has supported five primary schools in Oxfordshire to embed Nurturing practices at a whole school level as well as through a targeted Key Stage One Nurture Group, over the period March 2021 to July 2023. Schools have received training in Nurture, Attachment Aware Practice, Trauma and Brain Development and Emotion Coaching, and have been supported through consultation and supervision. This project has been extended to a further 4 primary schools between April 2023 to July 2025.

Data collected throughout the project will address the following research questions:

What is the impact of introducing a whole school nurturing approach into a school on:

  • The wellbeing and progress of a cohort of mainstream children in KS2?
  • The wellbeing and progress of children attending the nurture group in KS1?
  • The wellbeing of mainstream Staff and nurture group staff?
  • The views of parents/carers?
  • Whole school data: progress/attainment; incidents; exclusions?

David Colley

Time span
March 2021-July 2025

The Constable Education Trust and CHK