‘Stewards of a Process’: Towards an Understanding of the Reflective Culture at The Mulberry Bush

Brief Description – The aim of the project was to research practitioners’ perspectives on whether, and how, the ‘reflective practice’ model at The Mulberry Bush supported individuals, teams and the organisation in meeting its task.  The researchers used material from 47 participants (18 semi-structured individual interviews, two focus groups with 14 staff, and 15 foundation degree assignments). 

Key Findings 

The researchers found areas of excellence in reflective practice provision: 

  • Organisationally established in-depth, ongoing support, for working more effectively in teams and with the children. 
  • Consistently high levels of reflective practice resourcing and regularity of provision. 
  • The Mulberry Bush provided protected reflective ‘spaces’ that were not governed by an agenda.
  • Ongoing deep and strong professional relationships were across the whole organisation.

Details of this project can also be found on the Kudos website here.

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Heather Price, Joanne Brown, Jane Herd and David Jones

Time span
2018 - 2020

The Mulberry Bush Organisation