Developing methodologies for tracking the social and emotional development of traumatised children

I am delighted to have been awarded the Mulberry Bush Studentship 2022. My research will further our understanding of how to assess children’s social and emotional development, particularly for those who have experienced trauma, to enable practitioners to understand and help a child in practical ways. It builds on a previous collaboration between researchers at the University of Sussex and practitioners at the Mulberry Bush School to develop innovative ways to measure the progress of children’s social and emotional competencies in real world settings. I feel this is a fascinating opportunity to identify what is needed to support learning from practice that leads to better outcomes for children. 


The research team is Michelle Le Fevre, Robin Banerjee and Helen Drew from Sussex and Caryn Onions from the Mulberry Bush. 

Lucy Roberts PhD studentship at The University of Sussex

Time span
October 2022 – March 2026

The Mulberry Bush Organisation