‘Best Practice Forum’ at House of Lords

by | Aug 15, 2023

On Friday 14th July The Mulberry Bush joined IRCT (Institute for the Recovery from Childhood Trauma) for their Best Practice Forum at the House of Lords. The event was hosted by Baroness Butler-Sloss. The title was ‘Developing best practice in Therapeutic Child Care: Skilling the workforce’. Amongst the attendees were practitioners and managers of residential children’s homes and foster agencies. We were also joined by colleagues from Wrexham and Essex universities as well as the Community of Communities.

The conversations focussed on the complexity of therapeutic childcare and the need for policy makers to recognise the skills needed, as well as how to train the workforce.

It brought together leaders from the three therapeutic childcare university courses, Research and the Standards and Accreditation network, in discussion with practitioners from across the sector.

There was strong focus on how to increase the professional recognition of the important work of the sector and its staff teams.