MBS Success Project: Sharing understanding of children’s communication or emotionally successful schooling.

Brief Description – The project’s aim was to see how established methods of working at The Mulberry Bush School could be transferred to mainstream primary schools in order to improve their management of challenging behaviour. 

Phase 1
Based on action research, the team encouraged teachers to develop a shared understanding of the causes of emotional, social and behavioural difficulties by a) facilitating reflective staff groups, b) observing children, c) running practice ‘clinics’ and d) providing staff training 

Phase 2
The team collected data on pupil progress, received feedback through formal and informal means, obtained information via qualitative and quantitative questionnaires. 

Key Findings 

  • The core values of the Mulberry Bush were transferable to mainstream schools and the work adapted without compromising the underlying Mulberry Bush principles. 
  • Staff teams need to be well led and managed by the Head and school leadership team.
  • Supporting the development of understanding behaviour, working together and reflective practice was found to be extremely valued in mainstream settings. 
  • Tackling challenging behaviour needed the involvement of all staff rather than just a few. 

Details of this project can also be found on the Kudos website here.

For a copy of the full report please email Caryn Onions [email protected]

Ray Burrows, Catherine Mattachine-Lee, Colin Lutman and Dave Roberts

Time span
2008 - 2011

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation