Child Outcomes at the MBS: A Quantitative Study

Brief Description – The quantitative study followed the outcomes of children during their time at the Mulberry Bush in order to focus on the changes in children’s socio-emotional development, behaviour, educational achievement and attachment whilst at the MBS. Four cohorts of pupils were followed (23 boys and 13 girls), each for a consecutive 3-year period. 

Key Findings 

  • Children made significant academic improvement 
  • Pupils made significant progress in emotional development 
  • During their time children had significantly fewer incidents of aggression and anti-social behaviour
  • Pupils were increasingly able to self-regulate 
  • The picture was less clear regarding attachment style 

Publication – Gutman, L.M., Vorhaus, J., Burrows, R. and Onions, C. (2018). A longitudinal study of children’s outcomes in a residential special school. Journal of Social Work Practice, Routledge, 32:4:409–421. 

For a copy of the full report please email Caryn Onions [email protected]

Leslie Gutman and John Vorhaus. Institute of Education, UCL

Time span
2008 - 2016

Kidani Memorial Trust