Sarah Paget

Head of Mulberry Bush Consulting

Sarah has worked in, with, and alongside Therapeutic Communities and Enabling Environments for the past 35 years. As an experienced consultant, she champions therapeutic ordinariness, kindness and curiosity in all organisations. Sarah builds genuine, authentic relationships, with people and places, which facilitate reflection and can lead to change and improved outcomes. 

Sarah worked at the Royal College of Psychiatrists for 17 years, developing and leading on Quality Improvement and Accreditation Programmes for a range of services including a quality network for Therapeutic Communities and the Enabling Environments Award, of which she was co-founder. Before this she managed a Voluntary Sector Therapeutic Community for people with severe and enduring Mental Health problems.

Sarah has an MA in Psychoanalytic and Systemic Approaches to Understanding Organisations and Leadership from the Tavistock, a BA (Hons) in Social Psychology and Cognitive Science, and a Mental Health Nurse Training. She is a Trustee of The Consortium of Therapeutic Communities and Member of the International Editorial Advisory Group for the International Journal of Therapeutic Communities. She has written and taught Therapeutic Community principles and practice to a wide range of audiences.