The Long-Term Impact of Therapeutic Residential Care Programmes. A Literature Review for Mulberry Bush School.

Key Findings
This literature review made some important observations on the current landscape of the research on long-term impacts of therapeutic residential care. 

  • Whilst there was a relative paucity of research in this sphere, it was definitely expanding and had done so quite significantly over recent years. 
  • Much of the research had been undertaken outside of the UK, and the Department for Education noted gaps in UK research. 
  • Much of the literature emphasised the use of longitudinal studies in order to fully capture the effects of therapeutic residential care, with some using randomised control trials to help improve the robustness of the results. 
  • There were significant limitations to this research such as selection bias and a lack of a globally standardised framework, this made it difficult to ensure that results were robust.
  • There was a significant body of research focussed on measuring the more immediate impacts of TRC, which may be of use in developing a framework for measuring impacts over the longer-term. 



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Thomas Dooner and Richard James

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Pro Bono Economics

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