After three years our SUCCESS project has drawn to a close. Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation we have had the privilege to work with four Oxfordshire schools, sharing our skills and experience to help them develop their reflective capacity and understanding of the children’s behaviour as a communication. In turn this has provided improved outcomes for the children in the schools.

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The project was designed as a piece of action research which is currently being edited and is due for publication later this year. The project has been so successful we have established a further project with two schools that will commence in early 2012 and has led to the development of the Mulberry Bush’s annual “reflective forum”, a space for likeminded professionals to experience a thinking forum where reflective practice is integral and not something to be anxious about.

We are deeply grateful to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and to the four schools involved: Comper, St, Francis, Our Lady’s and Church Cowley St.James for participating in the project.