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Understanding Children

Understanding Children

The Mulberry Bush Outreach

Collaboration at a national level


The Mulberry Bush Outreach service uses the charities values and history to support others to improve outcomes for children.

We provide a range of training and learning opportunities for staff as well as consultation and support to schools, care settings and organisations working with vulnerable children, their families and communities.

Our model moves away from creating dependency on external support by identifying the skills within your organisation, so that you can develop your own sustainable support structures. But at the same time we’re never far away.

Working directly with you, or online, we are happy to visit your organisation to think collaboratively and reflectively to identify or clarify the presenting difficulties. This will lead to an informed bespoke model of support for your setting.


Foundation Degree (FdA) in Therapeutic Work with Children and Young People

An award-winning Level 3 course, with an option to continue to a Level 5 Foundation Degree, run by The Mulberry Bush and validated by the University of the West of England.

The course develops the capacity of students to support the emotional growth of children and young people through meaningful relationships. Students will be encouraged to learn about themselves and engage creatively in group situations. A key concept of the course is recognising the influence of unconscious processes and understanding behaviour as a form of communication.

Learning is theoretical and experiential and students will be encouraged to bring case material from their own work settings.

The Foundation degree is a Level 5 qualification. The course is regarded as equivalent to the mandatory Level 3 Diploma and the content has been mapped against these requirements, and the Therapeutic Service Standards set out by the Community of Communities. A progression year to BA (Hons) level is available through the University of the West of England.

More detailed information can be found in the course leaflet here.

Applications for 2021/22 have now closed.  We will open applications for the 2022/23 course in January 2022. To receive an update via email once applications are open please enter your details here.

If you have any questions about the course please email Kathy Smith at


Training Events and Courses

As well as running the Foundation Degree course, the Outreach Team also run a number of other training courses for those working alongside children and young people. These training opportunities explore a range of topics such as Attachment Practice, Emotion Coaching, the Neuroscience of Trauma and many others.