We are pleased to announce great news for education professionals in the North of England interested in ensuring high-quality education for primary aged children requiring a period of intensive residential support to address their emotional and behavioural trauma. We are setting up associate status with Willow House School in Cheshire (Greater Manchester).

This association supports the Mulberry Bush’s charitable objectives by:

  • Sharing best practice and creating a “healing” environment within an educational setting for a greater number of children.
  • Extending the Mulberry Bush ethos into a school in the North of England.
  • Building on and extending our 52-week residential school provision.
  • Supporting practice development through working collaboratively with the Pillars of Parenting psychological model to create excellence in education.

Willow House School is part of Halliwell Homes Ltd. delivering “restorative parenting” within residential and fostering settings.  This association allows an already successful school registered for 15 young people to take a big step forwards towards excellence in education for traumatised children.

This association will involve:

  • The appointment of an executive head from the Mulberry Bush to oversee the school development.
  • Direct supervision and training of Halliwell teaching staff.
  • Transfer of teaching plans and educational ethos between the schools
  • Shared referral processes
  • Ongoing management review and site development.

Professionals who wish to know more about this exciting association and what it offers potential placements should contact:

Andrew Constable – Director of Halliwell
Phone: 0777 215 0030

John Diamond – CEO, The Mulberry Bush Organisation
Phone: 01865 300202 ext 257

We look forward to talking to you and explaining the opportunities offered by this new association.

To learn more about Halliwell Homes, please click on their logo below to be taken to their website.