The International CentreIn 2013, in recognition of  a lack of national institutional support for the children’s social care sector, John Diamond and a group of academics created The National Centre for Therapeutic Residential and Foster Care, a free alliance of like-minded organisations who were keen to share best practice, training and research for those working with traumatised children and young people.

The alliance supports the use of reflective practice and research, and the ultimate goal of the Centre is to improve service quality and ensure excellent outcomes.  To achieve this, John set out to create better dialogue between residential and foster care services using the alliance as a forum, along with regular regional events, to discuss and share therapeutic models of care, and disseminate research on the needs of looked after children.

We are delighted that our recently re-named International Centre now has over 250 members! In October with the establishment of networks in Germany and Ireland, and the current development of more in Italy, the USA, Australia and Africa, the alliance has truly ‘gone global.’ Our aim is to create a low-cost but highly informative and influential international alliance.

The International Centre is run from The Mulberry Bush School in Oxfordshire, where John and the team work with children traumatised by early years’ neglect and abuse. Joining the alliance gives members access to:

  • The website
  • A bi-monthly online journal ‘The Therapeutic Care Journal’ (‘The TCJ’) which publishes papers by practitioners
  • The opportunity to contribute to The TCJ
  • A regular research group
  • Valuable events held in partnership with organisations such as the University of Essex Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Kent Centre for Child Protection, University of Central Lancashire and CELCIS, and Research In Practice.

If you would like more information or to join The International Centre, please email John Diamond: