Our aim is for reflective supervision to be a key part of the children’s sector by 2025 for all staff.

Mulberry Bush Outreach (previously MBOX) is now offering staff supervision which helps to:

  • reduce staff stress
  • reduce staff absence
  • increase retention
  • develop clarity of roles and tasks across organisations
  • make better use of time
  • increase our understanding of children’s needs
  • make better outcomes for children

Many schools have recognised the need to supervise staff working with vulnerable children and have used their pupil premium as a pro-active way to fund this as a proven intervention.


Find out more about The Mulberry Bush Outreach’s staff supervision offer here.


One local head teacher told us:

“By developing a culture of supervision my staff are able to ask themselves ‘do I need to ask this now or can it wait until supervision?’. This has led to a significant reduction in my time being spent on trouble-shooting”.