We have helped to set up an alliance of the Mulberry Bush with The Lioncare Group, Five Rivers, ISP, and the Community of Communities.

RITE is an expert group providing specialist residential and fostering therapeutic services to ‘tier 3’ the most severely emotionally troubled children and young people in the UK. Tier 3 children and young people are defined as those:

with extensive, complex and enduring needs compounded by very difficult behaviour who require more specialised and intensive resources such as a therapeutic community, an adolescent mental health unit, a small ‘intensive care’ residential setting or secure unit
(Clough, Bullock, and Ward, 2006)

We believe our society has the obligation to create a functional care system for tier 3 children and young people which supports genuine psychological and emotional maturation for the child, in order to mitigate against them becoming emotionally damaged and damaging adults. Download whole paper here…