The overall standard of care for the boarders is outstanding. Individual outcome groups relating to being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution, achieving economic well-being and organisation are assessed and judged as outstanding.

There is ample evidence the school continues to fully engage with the inspection process and uses this along with its own effective monitoring systems to reflect and improve on the care practices and provision within the school.

The children are looked after by a multi-professional team with a good understanding of their complex needs. Members of the team work well together and this ensures the consistency and continuity of care. The therapeutic social workers are trained and qualified and are well supported by their household managers and head of group living and her deputies. There is excellent management of the residential provision which ensures that the children are safe and excellent standards are maintained.

The children have good relationships with staff and feel that staff take an interest in them and care about what they are doing. Appropriate boundaries are maintained and consistent messages are given to the children.

The safety of the children is paramount and they are protected by robust practices and procedures that are known by all of the staff.

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