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“Staff are provided with outstanding professional development opportunities. They are trained to a foundation degree in therapeutic work with children. In addition to mandatory training, staff have the opportunity to access innovative experiential learning opportunities. As a result, the staff perform their roles with confidence and diligence. ”

Ofsted report on The Mulberry Bush School, January 2020

Foundation Degree

Foundation Degree Graduation 2019Find out more about our award-winning certificate or Foundation Degree in Therapeutic Work with Children and Young People, accredited by The University of the West of England.

This course received 100% student satisfaction rating in the 2019 National Student Survey for England!

Applications for 2020/21 have now closed. We will be seeking applications for 2021/22 from March 2021.

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Online Training

Leadership for an Emotionally Aware Environment 2020-21

A series of workshops starting on 23 September 2020

This is a series of online, practice development workshops led by senior members of The Mulberry Bush Outreach team. These workshops are aimed at education or residential care senior and middle leaders, or practitioners who are interested in developing their leadership and management abilities in this important area of their work.

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An Introduction to Making Sense of Behaviour

14 October 2020

Are you sometimes left confused by children’s behaviour? Does it feel that sometimes no matter what you do nothing seems to help?

This training is designed for anyone who works with children and young people to provide an introduction on ways to make sense of their often confusing behaviour. The aim of this two hour session is to understand and think about what children and young people’s behaviour might be communicating.

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An Introduction to the Neuroscience of Trauma

11 November 2020

Have you ever wondered why some children appear to react to the smallest of triggers? Do you work with children whose behaviour can go from nought to sixty in the blink of an eye?

This training is designed for anyone who works with children and young people to provide an introduction on how trauma in early childhood can affect the development of their growing brains. The aim of this two hour session is to gain insight into and think about the neuroscience of trauma and toxic stress and the consequences for children’s social, emotional and executive functioning and behaviour regulation.

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An Introduction to Attachment Informed Practice

9 December 2020

In light of the current situation and with schools beginning to open again, there will be an increased need for professionals to understand Attachment and how this can impact on children’s behaviour in the coming months.

This training is for anyone who works with children in a classroom setting looking to understand more about attachment styles and understand how this is relevant to children’s learning, behaviour and relationships in school.

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Attachment Training

Attachment theory is central to the work and ethos of the Mulberry Bush Organisation.

Our attachment courses are designed to support staff working with children who may be struggling with their relationships and behaviours. Through the training staff will develop an understanding of attachment theory and look at practical applications within their work setting. Our courses explore the impact of attachment related functioning on children’s day-to-day lives and use neuro-scientific research to offer practical support and strategies. Courses are designed to allow work based discussion and reflection to support embedment of new thinking and promote a whole organisation approach to supporting children with attachment needs.

These courses are suitable for all practitioners working with children and young people across the childcare sector. The course can be delivered with either a primary or secondary focus and delivered as a whole day or half day course. The course can also be split over two twilights if required.

You can download a flyer about Attachment Training here

For further details please contact Kathy Smith: / 01865 594700

“I found them (trainers) really inspiring and the work you do is really at the foundation of why I am training to be a teacher”

SCITT Trainee


Making Sense of Behaviour

Understanding children’s behaviour as a communication of need sits at the heart of the Mulberry Bush’s work. This course is designed to help practitioners from across the child-care sector to:

  • Understand the causes and function of behaviour
  • Develop practical strategies for working effectively with children and young people
  • Work with emotional and behavioural communication in the classroom setting
  • Recognise the emotional impact on staff through developing reflective practice
  • Use psychodynamic approaches to understand and manage relationships

The course will look at case-study and real-life examples to help practitioners develop their understanding and ability to take the ideas into their workplace.

You can download a flyer about Making Sense of Behaviour here

For further details please contact Kathy Smith: / 01865 594700


“Thank you so much, as we said on the day, the training was exactly what we had hoped for in both content and delivery”

(Learning Coordinator & Y2 Class Teacher, St. Michael’s C.E. Primary)

“The work was high quality and delivered in a way that allowed staff to feel part of the process”

Principal, Abbey View School, Gloucestershire

“Really insightful, as always guys. Thank you! Will definitely be thinking about the language I’m using and using with colleagues when talking about a child. Your training always helps me reassess how I’m viewing situations and behaviour and I think that’s really important to question things.” 

 Online Course Attendee

Crossfields Institute – Level 3 Certificate in Therapeutic Group work

Group Work is used by staff across many professional settings with children and young people, including pre-schools, schools & colleges and care settings. Used well, groups can be a  powerful tool, enabling children to be and to learn to work safely and productively together. This qualification enables individuals to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to run therapeutic group sessions with children and young people effectively.

This qualification is suitable for those staff using group work with children or young people in either school or care settings. The course will include:

  • The theories which can underpin and support groups
  • Working with dynamics, roles and resistance in groups
  • Relevant child development theory
  • Setting up and running a group
  • The aims of the group and assessing the effectiveness of the groups
  • Recording and evaluating your group
  • Opportunities for sharing practice and learning from one another
  • Students will be expected to work as a group and form reflective practice groups
  • Students will be expected to bring examples of their work for live discussion based sessions

You can download the flyer here
For further details and/or to book a place please contact Kathy Smith: / 01865 594700.


“The course has provided me with a greater understanding of groups, group dynamics and group roles. This will support my practice alongside both the children and adults. It has been invaluable in my knowledge and progression as a practitioner.”

Group Work Course feedback – anonymous


Leadership for an Emotionally Aware School

At the centre of our outreach work is an understanding of the importance of helping leaders develop the culture and ethos of their organisation.

We work with leaders at all levels to:

  • Recognise the impact of early life trauma and attachment difficulties on later life
  • Promote staff understanding of how pupils communicate their needs through their behaviour
  • Have in place ways to assess pupils’ emotional needs to support a common understanding across staff teams
  • Plan provision to meet identified emotional needs
  • Create behaviour management approaches that encourage pupils to develop a positive self-esteem and are linked to pupils’ stages of emotional development
  • Develop staff support structures that promote well-being and enable staff to learn through reflection

We recognise that changing culture takes time. We run projects in schools and other settings, where we put together bespoke packages including staff training, developing reflective culture and promoting an understanding of children’s behaviour as a communication of their needs.

If you are interested in our course in Leadership for an Emotionally Aware Environment, please contact Kathy Smith: / 01865 594700

You may also be interested in our Capacity Building Work training


Team Teach Training

Team Teach is an award-winning framework for working with challenging behaviour with the aim of reducing ‘anxiety, risk and restraint’. Team Teach, which is used across the UK, focuses on reducing incidents of challenging behaviour using positive behaviour management strategies and is proven to reduce incidents, improve safety and boost staff confidence.

Members of the Mulberry Bush Outreach team are licensed to deliver the basic 6hr course and refresher courses. . This course is generally for mainstream settings where the level of behaviour is causing disruption but is not requiring significant levels of physical intervention.  Our team will also work with you to develop practice sessions if you require.

For further information about the Team Teach model see

For further details please contact Kathy Smith: / 01865 594700


Emotion Coaching

Emotion coaching is an evidence based approach to help children to understand and manage their emotions. Emotion Coaching enables adults to co-regulate children’s emotions, de-escalate situations where behaviour is challenging and develop children’s own ability to self-regulate their emotions and behaviour. It can be used by anybody to respond to children’s emotions as they happen.

Our 2 half day training supports participants to:

  • Become more aware of children’s emotions
  • Recognise emotions as an opportunity for building relationships and teaching
  • Listen empathetically, validating children’s feelings
  • Help children find words to label their emotions
  • Set limits and work with children to explore strategies to problem solve.

You can download the emotion coaching flyer here

Here’s what schools say about Emotion Coaching:

“The Virtual School in Gloucestershire has been encouraging the use of Emotion Coaching techniques in our schools for many years. We know that it can help to support our vulnerable learners with the skills that they need to support self-regulation. Validating a child or young person’s emotions, particularly in a time of crisis, can be particularly effective in helping to support them . The emotions they feel can manifest in presenting challenging behaviours and giving the child the language and understanding about how they feel can be a very powerful tool.
Schools and settings have been very positive in their feedback about using Emotion Coaching as a whole school approach. It can impact on the schools strategy to support good mental health and well being.”

For further details please contact Kathy Smith: / 01865 594700


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