School improvement partner

School Improvement Partner

Our approach to School Improvement Partner support builds on the experience of developing a high quality multi-disciplinary provision at the Mulberry Bush School. This recognises the importance of a well defined task, and clear delegated responsibility to enable pupils to make strong academic, social and emotional progress.

Since 2008 we have been providing School Improvement Partner support to a range of special schools. We have also supported 3 different local authorities by reviewing the work in some of their provision. Schools who commission this support tend to have between 2 and 6 visits per year. Each visit focuses on a specific aspect of the school’s work, and is informed by the School Improvement Partner’s up-to-date knowledge of the Ofsted inspection framework.

Much of the work is carried out by our own very experienced School Improvement Partner. We are also members of a School Improvement Partner network, who are available to support where required. All members of this network are serving Ofsted inspectors.

Please contact Kathy Smith for more information:


‘I have really valued the work you have done with us over the last 4 years and it has significantly changed how we work and the school as a whole, for the better. We now have a robust and competent leadership team and that would not have happened as well, without you. Thank you for all your guidance, advice and support.’

Special School headteacher

‘As you know, I value your input, judgement and leadership coaching. I know the whole team want to thank you for your work with us over the last year and feel that you have supported us really well.’

Principal, Secondary SEMH Special School

‘I am sure that we would not have got the good judgement in the Ofsted inspection last summer without your input and support.’

Pupil referral unit deputy headteacher



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