Leadership & management review

Leadership and Management Review

As a multi-disciplinary outreach team we support schools and social care organisations in a variety of ways. Our work focuses on strengthening leadership at all levels, in order that leaders can fulfil their roles effectively. We tailor our approach to meet the particular circumstances of each organisation we work with.

We have developed our Leadership and Management Review model to help organisations identify strengths and areas for development in leadership and management, and the impact this has on their culture. The review process is tailored to meet the individual needs of the organisation. Support is then provided to strengthen the characteristics of a healthy/effective organisation. Follow up can be arranged to evaluate the impact of improvements over time.

The review recognises leaders and managers at all levels within the organisation including governors, senior leaders, middle leaders, team leaders, classroom leaders, and children leaders.

What will the review focus on?

Questions the review might explore are:

  • Are school aims understood by everyone?
  • Do leaders think strategically, based on a clearly defined vision?
  • Are roles and responsibilities clear at all levels?
  • Are leadership and management roles effectively distributed across the organisation?
  • Do leaders use their emotional awareness to inform their work?
  • Is there a good balance between accountability and support?
  • Does the school’s values and culture result in everyone feeling safe, trusted, included and successful?
  • Is communication effective and does it promote open, honest reflective dialogue?
  • Are external sources regularly used to support improvements?

How will it work?

The organisational review of leadership and management is a six-step process, which supports schools and other organisations to have a better understanding of how effectively they are run, and identifies key areas for improvement. Actions are agreed to address areas requiring improvement.

Who leads the review?

A member of the Mulberry Bush Outreach Team will lead the review. They will bring a combined knowledge and training in organisational development work with first-hand experience of highly successful school leadership, the leadership of school inspections, and school improvement work.

‘The processes was exposing and at times challenging, but provided an accurate insight. The collaborative working to respond to issues raised was supportive and productive. ’

(Deputy Headteacher)

‘I found it supportive and used the advice given of how to support staff in their level. This in return, had supported my role because staff are asking teachers / Education Leadership Team for support and not directly coming to me as the first port of call. The process is making teachers and extended leaders feel valued because they are given the chance to make choices and to impact on teaching and learning’

(Assistant Headteacher)



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