School Improvement Partner

The Mulberry Bush training programme, endorsed with a Crossfields Institute Quality Mark, will provide experienced, effective special and alternative provider (AP) school leaders with the skills and knowledge to become a School Improvement Partner (SIP).

This will be of benefit to leaders’ own school/organisation, as well as helping them to provide support and share good practice with other special and AP schools.

Led by two very experienced special school leaders/SIPs you will take part in 6 days training at The Mulberry Bush Third Space, Toddington, Gloucestershire.

You also will apply your learning in two practice days working as a SIP. Following this you will be invited to join The Mulberry Bush SIP network, where you will receive on-going support and professional development opportunities.

The training will prepare you to:

  • Have a critical awareness of own school’s strengths
  • Understand the range of functions of the SIP role
  • Understand how to structure a SIP visit
  • Understand how to report on a visit
  • See the value of collecting evidence from different sources
  • Work with staff holding different roles and responsibilities, and with governors/trustees
  • Explore common SIP challenges/barriers
  • Understand and manage emotional aspects of the role
  • Develop a style of work that empowers leaders to take ownership and delegate responsibilities
  • Develop a coaching style of work
  • Understand an effective performance management process
  • Have an awareness of current key educational issues

This course is accredited by the Crossfields Institute. For more information see

Find out more

For more details please contact Angela Brown on 01865 594700 or email [email protected]

Would you like to join the SIP Network?

If you are looking for a School Improvement Partner for your special school, would you like to find someone who would mentor, support, and act as a critical professional friend to the school? If so please CLICK HERE for further information or alternatively we have a simple online form which you can download HERE