Our Third annual MBOX Teaching School conference was held on Friday 27 May at the Mulberry Bush School. The event focused on the emotional health of children and the practical steps we can put in place to help.

This engaging and interactive day offered the opportunity for delegates to experience some strategies that can be integrated into children’s and their own every-day lives.

Delegates started the day by joining a drum circle, and then attended a series of presentations and workshops which were led by a range of educational professionals, therapists and practitioners.

Our guest speaker was Rachel Kelly, best-selling author of Black Rainbow and Walking on Sunshine: 52 Small Steps to Happiness. She talked about mental health problems and her own depression, and gave wonderful ideas on overcoming anxiety.

Here are some examples of feedback from the day:

• “The course has helped me to constructively challenge non-therapeutic colleagues.”

• “It has improved practice – helped me to develop as a reflective practitioner and to understand psychodynamic unconscious processes.”

• “Theory to support practice. Improves reflective practice. Making time to stop and think – not just reacting to situations.”

• “Focus on behaviour as communication – thinking about the child’s behaviour – WHY.”

• “Also own feelings, group dynamics – thinking about your impact on situations.”

• “I enjoyed changing my view on reflective practice and realising it enables growth.”

• “I enjoyed learning about BPD – this is something I know nothing about.”

• “Developing professional practice – I like the case scenarios. Clinical practice – I liked the seminar technique and this was my favorite essay.”

• “End of course project – thinking about practice that had an emotional impact.”