Nurture Network

Join our Nurture Network which aims to provide a safe space for school staff who wish to develop and grow their nurturing practices. Our network meets once a term to provide support for one another as well share experiences & knowledge. The aim of this network is to develop nurturing practices in schools in order to provide the best possible support to those children with social, emotional & behavioural difficulties.

What do we mean by nurture?

The nurturing approach offers support with social & emotional skills in school to children who face disadvantages through missing early nurturing experiences. Developing social & emotional skills enables children to improve their performance at school and form meaningful relationships with their peers. It also aims to develop their resilience and helps them to deal confidently with challenges. This approach gives every child the opportunity to flourish in their education.

What will being part of the Nurture Network look like?

All sessions will be held online via Teams. The Nurture Network will be run by Laura Dennis Education Outreach Lead, Emma Knipe, Therapeutic Trainer and Outreach Practitioner, Katrina Haig, Therapeutic Trainer and Outreach Practitioner & Dr David Colley, Associate Lecturer from Oxford Brookes University School of Education

Each afternoon session will have focus on putting theory and research into practice as well as opportunities to learn from and reflect with colleagues working across school.

How much does this cost?
School Membership costs £150, this secures places for two of your staff at each of this years networking events.

Book now for 2023/24. To download the course flyer click HERE

For more information please contact Angela Brown; [email protected]