Looking at Nurture in Educational Environments

The research presented in this session from The International Centre Research Group (ICRG) will focus on nurture groups in Malta and the UK. The first presentation will look at children’s reflections of being in a nurture group; the second presentation is about setting up a secondary school nurture group


Reflective group discussion: Current sector preoccupations, achievements and dilemmas

Maria Pace – Reflections of Children on the support they received from the Nurture Group through journal writing and drawing and discussion

Abstract: Since their inception in 2009, Nurture and Learning Support Zones have aimed to support children and young people in Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools in Malta. Currently there are over sixty Nurture Groups and Learning Support Zones in Malta. This study aimed to present the reflections of six children on the support they received from a primary Nurture Group in Malta using journal writing and drawing followed by conversations between the Nurture Group educators and child participants. Findings from this small-scale study suggest that the child participants in this study viewed the Nurture Group as a positive and safe base, where they felt supported and guided in thrive to be better.

Dr David Colley and Dr Ruth Seymour  – An evidence based guide to opening a successful secondary school nurture group and discussion.

In this session, Dr Ruth Seymour (The Mulberry Bush) and Dr David Colley (Oxford Brookes University) will present the results of a recent research project around best practice in secondary school nurture groups. The aim of the project was to create an evidence-based guide to opening a secondary school nurture group based on the experiences, opinions and ideas of professionals working in the field. The research sought to capture the views of 29 professionals on three specific aspects of best practice in secondary school nurture groups: (i) the preparations to be made before a nurture group opens (prerequisites) (ii) how the nurture group functions when it opens (operational features) and (iii) the challenges to anticipate once the nurture group is up and running. In this presentation, David will set out the research design while Ruth will elaborate on the research findings.


3:30 pm

Online via Zoom

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