Attachment Informed Practice Training

This training is designed for anyone working with children, young people and/or their parents or carers. The training aims to provide an understanding of attachment, how this impacts on a child or young person’s behaviour and how to support children and their individual needs.

The training aims to link psychodynamic theory with practice and is informed by our experience at The Mulberry Bush of working therapeutically with children who have experienced trauma and the emotional impact this can have on the staff working alongside them.

What are the learning outcomes of this training?

  • To understand the theoretical origins of attachment theory and to briefly introduce the four main attachment styles
  • Highlight the importance of early relationships and brain development
  • To consider the relevance of attachment theory on children’s learning, behaviour and relationships in school
  • To consider the importance of a secure base and how this is achieved within your organisation

How will the training look?

We have two different delivery options available; online and face-to-face.

  • Face-to-face: The course is a full day’s training (six hours). This is normally carried out within the school or alternative setting but can also be carried out at our Learning and Research Centre based in Standlake (West Oxfordshire) dependent on group size. Face-to-face training will only take place in a Covid secure manner.
  • Online: The six hours will be split into three, two hour sessions run via Zoom. We recommend these sessions are run over a period of around six weeks.

The training can be run for a variety of group sizes, usually up to 30 but larger numbers can be catered for. Should this be required, please let a member of our Outreach Team know how large a group you wish to hold the training for. Larger groups may require an additional trainer, which incurs a supplementary cost.

For more details please contact Kathy Smith on 01865 594700 or email [email protected]