Joanna Trollope, who is a patron of the Mulberry Bush, visited the school to
celebrate SUCCESS – “Sharing Understanding of Children’s Communication for
Emotionally Successful Schooling”, the recently completed unique three year
outreach project with East Oxford schools with outstanding results.

Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation the SUCCESS project began in the summer
of 2008 and set out to share our skills and experience with four mainstream
schools from within the ISIS partnership. The project has encouraged school
staff to reflect upon their practice and develop a shared understanding of
the causes and impact of emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and
strategies to address these.
The SUCCESS project meets key Government aims of establishing independently
funded outreach work and has become a leading example of how a collaborative
approach to developing practice can be achieved between mainstream schools
and the private special needs sector.
Joanna spent time in class with the children and lunched with staff who
worked on the project.