Dear  Mr John Turberville,

My name is Byoungduk Sohn (D.Phil) graduated from the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Oxford, and a professor at Chongshin University in Korea. Recently I’ve been involved in an in-service education group abroad, planned by Korean government. This Korean delegation is consisted of government officials and professional social workers in residential care facilities. This group (about 25 members) has decided to visit Mulberry Bush School which has well developed a residential care programme for Children and Young People, because we wanted to learn more about ‘how residential care programme works.’

This time, we sincerely hope that we will be able to visit Mulberry Bush School and to have an opportunity to learn more about ‘residential care for young people’. We believe that the Korean government officials working for children and child practitioners will be benefited a lot from your efforts for vulnerable young people in UK. If it is possible, we would like to visit on Tuesday 20, April 09:00 in the morning. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks.

With best wishes,
Professor Byoungduk Sohn