John Armstrong, 1913 – 2011

The Mulberry Bush School and the family of John Armstrong invite people to join together for a Celebration of John’s life and work on Friday, 6 July 2012 at the school in Standlake, Oxfordshire.

This is an opportunity for people connected with John and the Mulberry Bush across the years to come together and honour him and all that he did to make the Bush a place that affected so many children and adults, quite often changing the course of their lives.

Such a gathering will be a fitting and much deserved tribute to John himself. Equally, for all of us who come together on this day and for the Bush itself it will serve as a vital reminder not only of the nature of the commitment required to sustain the therapeutic task but also of the character and substance of the kind of person who can see it through over many years and the many hours and weeks of daily living and learning.

A more detailed programme for this occasion will be available in due course. For now we can confirm that the event will begin at 3 PM and its formal end will be at 7PM.  Many people when remembering John will likely associate him with events like Open Days and Friends of the Bush evenings held on the front field in the lovely summer brightness and warmth. Therefore it will be no surprise to learn that the Gathering itself will begin at 3 with an informal mingling of all participants around food and drink. This will be followed by a session of slightly more formal spoken recollections and tributes from those who knew and worked with him, and as part of this there will be a chance for anyone else to share their thoughts and memories of John.

Further informal conversations can recommence after this, with further opportunity to look at some of the displays about John and the Bush of that era. If anyone has an item – photo, object or..? – that you wish to send on to be included or to bring on the day, please do so. Alongside recording the event, we shall also have a facility to record at least some people’s brief memories of John to add to the Mulberry Bush Archive held at the Planned Environment Therapy Trust.

If you wish to come along, can you write directly to confirming your intention, or e-mail Richard Rollinson at We also request that if someone knows another person who might wish to attend they alert him/her to this information, or send us contact details so we can advise them.