Mulberry Bush invited to join a DfE working group

The Mulberry Bush and the Universities Residential Child Care Practice Advisory Group have been invited to join a DfE working group on the children’s home regulatory reform, with a special interest in workforce training and development.

Mulberry Bush Organisation run stand at NICE conference

The Mulberry Bush Organisation ran a stand at the NICE conference to promote our work to the new remit of NICE and the College of Social Work in creating service standards for looked-after children and for Social Care. We are also engaged in the consultation to this...

CNS All-Stars at Chipping Norton Town Hall

John Diamond and John Turberville attended a wonderful evening performance by the band CNS All-Stars at Chipping Norton Town Hall, and thanked the Co-op for organising the event and the band for their very generous donation of the proceeds of the sale of their CD to...

John Diamond keynote speaker at Terni conference

John Diamond was keynote speaker at a conference in Terni, Italy about meeting the mental health needs of traumatised children and adolescents. The conference was entitled ‘ the struggle of growth’ and attended by 400 delegates.