The Mulberry Bush Women of the Year Lunch

This has sold out and will be on Wednesday 26th September at Wadham College, Oxford. This year our two speakers are Nell Gifford an author, who started her own traditional touring circus in 2000 and Dame Catherine Wybourn, a Benedictine nun, web developer, blogger and...

Seminar at Salford University

John Diamond is speaking at a Salford University seminar along with Halliwell Homes and Price training on Tuesday 12th Sept, Tuesday 17th October, and Wednesday 7th November.

New Children and Staff

The year has started well and we are delighted to welcome new children and several new members of staff to our education and group living teams. These staff joined some very successful whole school training events.

The Universities Residential Child Care Practice Advisory Group

The Mulberry Bush along with the Universities of West of England, Essex, Bristol and Anglia- Ruskin have formed the Universities Residential Child Care Practice Advisory Group, which aims to influence the development of reflective training and practice across the UK...

‘Family for every child coalition’

John Diamond is joining a panel discussion and presenting a case study at the ‘Family for every child coalition’ conference in London on Thurs September 13th. The coalition is a practitioners network of international organisations working to provide...